Philippines in the Crosshairs: Super Typhoon Hagupit

5:13 AM CDT, December 4, 2014

Less than 13 months after historic Super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged  the Philippines, Super Typhoon  Hagupit is looking to do the same. Guidance is converging on a super typhoon landfall near, or just north of Tacloban  within the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, Tacloban City was also considered to be the epicenter of the Haiyan aftermath. Within 48 hours, eastern and northern Samar could face the brunt of potentially yet another historic storm.


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LIVE: Gonzalo Hitting Bermuda

2:40 PM CDT, October 17, 2014

Port Bermuda Webcam is offering LIVE streaming video of Hurricane Gonzalo making landfall across Bermuda. Conditions have rapidly deteriorated within the last few hours. As you can see, “white out conditions” are now underway.

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Severe Storms Sunday & Monday

5:44 AM CDT, October 10, 2014

A strong cold front is poised to sweep through the US southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley Sunday into Monday. Storms are not expected to be overly strong on Sunday, although the Storm Prediction Center is not ruling out a marginal risk of hail and damaging winds Sunday afternoon/evening across northern Texas, much of Oklahoma, and western Arkansas.


A more elevated threat may materialize Sunday night into Monday. At the very least, it looks as though an eastward-moving squall line will develop along the frontal boundary. This squall line may contain damaging straight-line winds and QLCS embedded tornadoes (generally EF-2 or less, but not always).


Details are still grainy as there is still some difference in the timing among models, much less individual severe weather parameters. Stay tuned.